Converting a Freezer Into A Fermentation Chamber

Last night I finished converting a freezer into a fermentation chamber. The whole process was super easy and I’ve outlined it below if you’d like to build one yourself.

If you’re not familiar with what a fermentation chamber is, it’s basically an enclosed, insulated box (usually a fridge or freezer) where you can set and hold a specific temperature inside.

This is perfect for fermenting beer as the temperature it ferments at has a pretty dramatic effect on how well the beer ferments and how it will taste.

Getting The Parts for the Fermentation Chamber

The fermentation chamber only required three parts, a freezer, a heater, and a temperature controller that could turn the freezer or heater on and off as needed.

The Freezer

On I found a nice sized used freezer for sale by someone who would deliver it to our house. I bought the freezer for two days ago and they delivered it last night.

It was pretty clean when it arrived but I washed it down, the wiped it with some bleach solution just to make sure it was more or less sanitized.
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Happy Brew Year! I Started it With an Irish Red Ale

Happy New Year to everyone out there. My new year’s eve was pretty quiet, but it allowed me to wake up feeling rested and ready to brew up a batch of Irish Red Ale on new year’s day.

The day went awesome. I had a great time mashing and cooking.

I won’t get into the same step-by-step detail I did for the Belgian Wit I cooked up a few days earlier since the steps were all the same, but I will detail a few new things and some interesting things that happened.
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A New Scale and Spice Grinder For Brew Day

Last Friday I managed to pick up a new scale and spice grinder which I was in need of before my first all-grain brew day.

No big long post here as I’m sure you’re all busy with last minute holiday stuff. I just wanted to share because I’m excited.

Now I can measure out my grains, spices, and hops and grind those spices up for (hopefully) the perfect brew!

I also picked up 12 feet of 1″ ID vinyl hose which I turned into 2 separate hoses. These will be implemented as blow-off tubes for the first few days of fermentation on subsequent beers. After that last blow-out, I learned my lesson.

New spice grinder, scale, blow-off tube, and Oxy Clean cleaner.

New spice grinder, scale, blow-off tube, and Oxi Clean cleaner.