Tea and Prune Wine Recipe

Ingredients 3 cups strong tea 340gm prunes (dried) 340gm sultanas (dried) 1kg granulated sugar 3 lemons 1/4 tsp Marmite/yeast extract All-purpose wine Yeast Stage 1 Rinse prunes, soak for a day, remove stones and mash them up in your bucket. Add rinsed and chopped sultanas, and cover bucket. Warm half a litre of water in … Read more

The 8 Best Homebrew Lager Kits for the Money

Brewing lagers can be a daunting task since they require lower temperatures during fermentation to achieve the desired outcome. Sine lagers are usually light in the body, it becomes very simple to tell a lager that has been fermented at too warm a temperature as they may taste too spicy or fruity as a result … Read more