Tea and Prune Wine Recipe

3 cups strong tea
340gm prunes (dried)
340gm sultanas (dried)
1kg granulated sugar
3 lemons
1/4 tsp Marmite/yeast extract
All-purpose wine Yeast

  • Stage 1

Rinse prunes, soak for a day, remove stones and mash them up in your bucket. Add rinsed and chopped sultanas, and cover bucket.

Warm half a litre of water in a large saucepan, and stir in the sugar and marmite. When dissolved, cover and cool, then add to bucket.

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Make tea, strain and allow to cool, and add to bucket. Add juice from lemons to bucket. Top up to 4 litres or within 5cm of the top of your FV.

Pitch yeast and cover; leave in a warm place, stirring twice daily, for ten days.

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  • Stage 2

After 10 days rack into a demijohn, and chuck out the solids. Top up to neck with cold water; leave to ferment to dryness. This can take a month at 18C.

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Wait 2 weeks after fermentation has finished, then rack into another DJ. Top up to neck with wine of similar flavour and colour, or cold water.

Leave to mature and clear for 9 months before bottling. Leave at least 2-3 months after bottling before drinking; peaks 24 months after racking to mature.

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